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Five Responsible Animal Rescue Guidelines to Always Stick To

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If you’re in the animal rescue field, there’s no doubt that your heart is in the right place. However, extenuating circumstances sometimes come into play. Conflicting personalities within a rescue group, lack of funding, and other obstacles can occasionally cause rescuers to stray from their core principles. Below are five guidelines to always keep in mind, no matter what the circumstances: 1.)    The animal’s best interest should always be your first priority. No matter what disagreements may arise on your […]


Four Ways to Increase Donations from Existing Donors

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Seeking out new donors is one part of every successful organization’s fundraising strategy, but it’s also important not to forget about your existing donors. You’ve already done the hard part with people who have donated in the past – you’ve convinced them that your cause is worth contributing to. Be sure to keep up a relationship with your donors to ensure continued support. Below are some suggestions for increasing donations: 1.)    Follow up: If a donor contributed at one of […]

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