A Rescue Story: Buddy

Buddy editedSeveral years ago my daughter and I were volunteer dog walkers at the rescue (there are never enough dog walkers). My very first day at the rescue, I spotted a crazy wild dog throwing himself against the run door. I looked at my daughter and said “that dog is going to be mine”. She laughed. Time went on I helped to adopt him out on more than one occasion. I said to myself, if he is meant to be mine, he will be. I did his meet and greet with a wonderful family from Spokane and everything went well. Cathy and I delivered him to his new home and I cried all the way back, thinking this was it, this is his new forever home. About a month later, Cathy called me and told me they could not keep Buddy Joe and he had to come back to the rescue. I told her to have the people bring him to me. He got out of the car came and sat at my feet and has been there ever since. I have other dogs and I love them all, but there is a very special bond with Buddy.
By: Renee Wehrung, Priest River Animal Rescue Volunteer

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  1. Carol Jones says:

    I can relate to that, Renee. Years ago I took a Vizsla from our shelter to an adoption event 40 miles away. He sat in the front seat and talked to me the whole way there. He never took his eyes off me during the entire day. Needless to say, he never went back to the shelter and has lived in our home for the past 9 years.

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