Five Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

senior pet who saved who blogIf you’re involved in animal rescue, you’re probably repeatedly disappointed when potential adopters skip right over some of the sweetest pets simply because they’re not so young anymore. Below are five fantastic reasons to adopt an older animal, please pass them along!

1. There are fewer surprises! An older animal’s size, personality, and grooming needs are pretty set in stone. You won’t be shocked when your 15 lb. puppy turns into a 75 lb. dog!

2. Training isn’t as intense: Many older pets have potty training down. Also, since they’ve had homes before, they’re typically more able to figure out what humans are asking of them.

3. Fewer chewed up shoes: Puppies are known for making messes. If you opt for a more mature dog, you’re also opting for less of a headache.

4. They’re full of love: It’s pretty obvious how grateful senior pets are for a happy home and they’re glad to repay you with unconditional love.

5. You’ll save a life! Senior pets are some of the last to be adopted. If you choose to open your heart and home to one of these loving animals, you’ll also be a hero.

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  1. Seletia says:

    I am looking now for a older new friend I lost my friend
    Shitz-sue looking for a 2yr or older could be a mix of shizpoo

  2. Eileen Streight says:

    I adopted a 7 yr, Old obese beagle. Doing well with special diet and exercise..
    She is a precious love who fits right in and loves me. I am a senior and i love senior dogs.. Good company….joyful animals.

  3. Sandra Dvergsdal says:

    First I adopted a 6 year old springer who had spent his life with one family and then ended up at the shelter. He acted crazy the day I went to visit him, so being a bit crazy myself I decided he had to come home with me. Last fall he and I adopted his brother a 9 year old springer. They are now 9 and 10. I would only ever consider adopting an older dog if I were ever in a position to adopt again. They are both so wonderful and loving. You can tell they appreciate having a good home. Yes, it is true “Who adopted Who?”

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