Four Ways to Increase Donations from Existing Donors

donation jar editedSeeking out new donors is one part of every successful organization’s fundraising strategy, but it’s also important not to forget about your existing donors. You’ve already done the hard part with people who have donated in the past – you’ve convinced them that your cause is worth contributing to. Be sure to keep up a relationship with your donors to ensure continued support.

Below are some suggestions for increasing donations:

1.)    Follow up: If a donor contributed at one of your fundraising events, be sure to follow up with an email, donor request letter, or thank you card. You don’t want to bombard your supporters with donation requests, but you definitely don’t want to cut ties after the initial donation.

2.)    Ask for monthly donations: If someone has contributed to your organization in the past, they may be willing to do so on an ongoing basis if it’s made easy for them. Set up a monthly giving program that keeps donors’ credit cards on file. Someone may not be comfortable giving a big donation all at once, but they may be open to giving $20/month.

3.)    Show where the money is going: Be sure to tell specific success stories in your direct mail or email campaigns. People want reassurance that their donation was put to good use and touching success stories are a great way to ensure continued support.

4.)    Offer tribute opportunities: Give your donors the chance to make a donation to honor or memorialize a special person or pet. Making a connection with something so personal is a fantastic way to encourage giving.

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