Heiress Gives Abandoned Dog a Happy New Life

lady WSWAn 11-year-old black lab, now known as Lady, is settling in nicely to her home on a 120 acre Florida farm. She was flown there on a private jet by her new owner, heiress Helen Rich. Lady deserves every first class perk she gets, having experienced more than her fair share of heartbreak.

Lady’s original owner died in 2012 and she found herself in an animal shelter in Sedan, Kansas. A local family adopted Lady, but eventually returned her to the shelter because she wasn’t getting along well with their smaller dogs. Lady was adopted a second time by a woman in Independence, Kansas, but this senior sweetie couldn’t help but miss her old family. Lady escaped and managed to make the 30 mile trek back to her previous home in Sedan, but her family refused to take her back. Lady ended up back at the shelter for the third time when the woman in Independence decided she didn’t want her back either.

Luckily, Lady’s story went viral and caught the attention of Rich (granddaughter of chewing-gum mogul William Wrigley Jr). Now, Lady’s shelter days are over and she can happily live out her golden years in the lap of luxury.

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  1. Adiolercx says:

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