Ohio Police Officer Rescues Puppy Twice, Gains a New Best Friend

ohio police officer and puppy WSWIn early November, Officer Rodger Nolan responded to the scene of a car accident, where he rescued a tiny puppy trapped under the seat of the car. Once the puppy was safe and sound, the two parted ways and Nolan figured that was the last time he’d see the lab-pit bull mix’s furry little face.

When Nolan noticed the puppy’s picture on the Franklin County Dog Shelter’s website two weeks later, he knew he had to pay the shelter a visit. The puppy warmed up to Nolan right away, and he and his wife decided to take the lucky little dog home. The puppy, now named Camden, is reportedly happy and getting along beautifully with the rest of the Nolan pack, including a Great Dane named Shea and a Boxer named Wrigley.

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