Partnering with Small Businesses to Help Raise Money for Homeless Pets

shelter pit bull puppy WSWIf you’re running a non-profit organization, you already know how important connecting with the community is. Don’t hesitate to reach out to local businesses for help with fundraising or other efforts. Below are three ways that local companies might be able to contribute:

1.) Sponsorship: If you’re planning a 5K, an auction, or another fundraising event, consider adding sponsorship tiers for businesses to contribute. In exchange for sponsorship, a business’s logo might be displayed on t-shirts, flyers, or other promotional materials. This exposure is great for small companies.

2.) Donation of services: Not every small company can donate a large lump of cash, but some might be able to donate their services. Try to think a little outside of the box, like a local photographer taking professional photos of animals in need of homes.

3.) Hosting a fundraiser: Sometimes you just need a good place to gather people interested in your cause. Local restaurants are a great place to do just that. Many establishments will agree to donate a percentage of the night’s profits to the organization.


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