Police Officer Praised for Helping Tiny Dog Stuck on a Busy Freeway

la-me-ln-chihuahua-recovers editedA California Patrol officer has been credited for making a huge difference in an itty bitty dog’s life. Earlier this month, officer Alex Edmon spotted the two-pound Chihuahua perched on the median of a busy bay area freeway.

The tiny dog was shaking and visibly scared when officer Edmon coaxed her into his arms using a protein bar. The dog, now named Freeway, was uninjured and taken to a local animal shelter, where she has apparently attracted several potential adopters.

According to California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer John Fransen, people abandoning dogs on freeways is unfortunately not a rare occurrence. Many of these stories don’t have happy endings, but luckily for this sweet little Chihuahua, a big-hearted officer happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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  1. heather Bechtel says:

    Thank you so much officer for caring and for saving this terrified little dog. So many dogs and other animals are just thrown away like this- It is criminal and so cruel- whoever left this dog knew that the dog would most likley die there either falling into the road and being hit by a car or starving to death there on the meridian. the person must enjoy causing animal suffering this behavior often leads to escalating criminal abuse of humans-

  2. jo porter says:

    wonderful man. He should get an award for kindness and it is wonderful to hear of something great instead of all the bad we hear.
    thanks for posting

  3. joyce turner says:

    Thank God for people like him.

  4. DGR says:

    Amazing officer. People abandoning animals sociopathic.

  5. Frank Welch says:

    The police are trained to help all mammals especially little frightened dog’s.

  6. Angela says:

    What a good soul this man is!

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