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A Rescue Story: Buddy

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Several years ago my daughter and I were volunteer dog walkers at the rescue (there are never enough dog walkers). My very first day at the rescue, I spotted a crazy wild dog throwing himself against the run door. I looked at my daughter and said “that dog is going to be mine”. She laughed. Time went on I helped to adopt him out on more than one occasion. I said to myself, if he is meant to be mine, […]

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Friends of Campbell County Animal Control Invites Families to Volunteer Together

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Our Friends of Campbell County Animal Control group, located in Virginia, has increased volunteers by opening up dog walking opportunities at the local county animal control facility to families who want to show their children the many joys that result from helping others. We are one of the few family-friendly volunteer opportunities in the area. We do require that families supervise their youngsters at all times, sign a hold harmless agreement, and participate in a one hour orientation. Many families […]

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Your Animal Adoption Center’s Team

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Operating an animal shelter or rescue involves a lot of work in diverse areas. Success hinges in large part on your ability to delegate the right tasks to the right people, so it’s important to assemble a strong team to help run your adoption center. Always work with people who genuinely want to help, regardless of whether they’re paid staff or volunteers or how many hours they’re on hand each week. Below are key animal shelter or rescue positions. You […]

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